I originally wanted to go with a Carter AFB manual choke 750.  After reading online and watching about 8 videos on youtube of people with Predator carburetors, I had to have one.  I was able to get one practically new on ebay for cheap.  I am not disappointed.  The one I got was the 6000 PXI.  It has the idle mixture adjustment and a vacuum port for your distributor.  There are only 3 adjustments on the Predator.  Idle speed, idle mixture, and a fuel metering cam that controls mixture from 2500 rpm and up.  Throttle response is ridiculous.

Predator recommends that for street use, you mount the fuel bowl forward and if you are using a dual plane manifold, you need a 1 inch spacer.  The make a bell crank linkage that connects to the carburetors throttle control, which in my case is across the back of the engine, to the throttle cable.  I had to buy a 24inch throttle cable because my stock one was way too short.

The other issue I had was finding a way to connect the transmission kickdown linkage.  I used a Lokar cable and bent the bracket on it to connect over my throttle cable.  I had to drill a few new holes to fix problems with travel but it all works great.  It might look like a mess, but it works.

The gas pedal on the car only has about 2 inches of pedal travel and the predator has about 4 inches.  I had to drill a new hole on the bell crank to fix that.

Predator Carburetor
I used this adjustable throttle bracket from Jegs.com
Throttle cable, new hole in bell crank. 
The top of the carb touches the hood.  I am going to paint the hood flat black and see if I can find a way to put a hemi scoop on it.  All of the hemi scoops I have found only have 3 1/2 inches in the front and that wont clear a regular air cleaner.  I would also have to make the hole bigger.  I could go with a bug catcher, but I really believe it should be a law that you have to use a supercharger to have a bug catcher.  Just like there should be a law against driving a convertible with the top down and the windows up!